Tattle Hub (WI-FI)

Our Wi-Fi-enabled Tattle Hub stands out as our most economical option. It seamlessly connects your data to the cloud using an existing Wi-Fi network with internet access. Simply input the network's Wi-Fi password, and you're all set.

The hub comes preconfigured to receive your monitor's data via a 900MHz Digi-Mesh network, boasting a range of up to 2 miles with a clear line of sight using the included antenna. It transmits information to the cloud securely through a TLS encrypted connection.

  • Utilizes your current Wi-Fi router with internet connectivity.
  • 2 mile range with included anttena.
  • Automatically discovers monitors without any setup.
  • Easily set-up your connection to your existing Wi-Fi with a SoftAp page.

  • Encrypted communication between hub and sensors
  • Encrypted communication between hub and Tattle Cloud.
  • Needs a 2.4GHZ band to connect to the router.
  • Line powered with included AC plug.