Tattle Cloud

Cloud-Based SaaS Software for Your Tattle Monitors.

Tattle Dashboard

Accessible, Convenient, and Manageable

You can access our software from any internet-connected device, as it is mobile-ready and utilizes the latest web protocols.

Secure Cloud

Our software is hosted on a secure server, implementing SSL/TLS 1.2 best practices for optimal security.

Operates on the Web

Regardless of the internet-connected device you own, your site will maintain consistency across all platforms.

Diverse Themes

Personalize Your Software: Choose from three preset color designs to make it uniquely yours.

Empowering you with all the essential tools for success.

Let's explore the available functions in the cloud, and then delve even deeper!


Effortlessly oversee all your networks, hubs, and monitors from a unified platform.


Customize your layout to Suit Your Preferences: Choose from three preset color designs or create your own.

In-App Notifications

Receive real-time notifications directly on your dashboard, ensuring prompt updates and allowing you to stay informed about critical events or changes without having to navigate away from your main monitoring interface.

Administrative User

The administrator has complete control over all aspects of the cloud account, from network management to user access control.

Multiple Access

Grant access to up to 4 additional users, each empowered to configure their own notifications and customize dashboards according to their preferences.

Access Control

Regulate user access permissions to tailor their capabilities, providing a valuable feature for primary stakeholders.


Facilitate seamless organization of your hubs and monitors by assigning them a unified name, simplifying the management and identification process for enhanced efficiency.


Access detailed check-in information about the hubs, allowing you to monitor and track their status and activities effectively


Effortlessly manage and control monitor information from a centralized source, streamlining the process for convenient oversight and adjustments.

Monitor Placement

Share a visual representation of monitor placements by uploading a design, making it easier for others to locate and identify them.

Fan Location

Enhance service efficiency by uploading a map of fan locations, providing service personnel with a visual guide to locate and address troubled fans more effectively.

System Design

Allow future stakeholders to explore the system's design by providing a visual representation of its architecture and layout.

Different Types

Customize your notification preferences, choosing from options such as low pressure, low battery, device inactivity, and temperature alerts.


Tailor the frequency of your notifications based on your preferences. Choose how often you want to receive updates, ensuring a personalized and timely notification experience.

Delivery Method

Choose your preferred delivery method for notifications. Options include email, text, push notifications, and in-app alerts, allowing you to customize how you receive updates.


Rest assured, all sensitive payment information is securely managed by a trusted payment provider, ensuring the highest level of security for your transactions.

Payment Method

We welcome payments through all major credit cards.


Choose between two options: Basic or Subscription. Enjoy the flexibility to pay on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, catering to your specific preferences and budget.